ARFTG-96th/RWW-2021, January 18st, 2021, Live Session with Q&A

  • 10 and 30 GHz active load-pull slides with an NVNA
    Nicholas Miller, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Vector Signal Network Analyzer: a joint 5 channel VNA-VSA for MIMO devices characterization with CW and wide-bandwidth modulated signals
    Thaimi Niubo Aleman, CICESE, Mexico
  • Wineband Active Load Pull research at University of Bologna
Alberto Maria Andlotti, University of Bologna
  • Discussion: 
Wide bandwidth modulated signals


ARFTG-94th, January 27th, 2020, San Antonio, Texas

  • Practical Wideband Time-Domain Measurement and Nonlinear System-Level Modeling Techniques for Traveling Wave Tube & Solid State Power Amplifiers
    Christopher Silva, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Debate: Characterization of modulated multi-harmonic signals
  • Debate: Behavioral modeling of modulated multi-harmonic signals and broadband application


ARFTG-93rd, June 6th, 2019, Boston, Massachusetts

  • Large-Signal Characterization of SOI MOSFETs Using NVNA and Active Load-Pull
    Dr. Manuel Pulido, Andres Zarate, pSemi Corp. A Murata Co.
  • Debate: Use of NVNA in device characterization and model validation
  • Large Signal Characterization of Dual-Input PAs
    Chenyu Liang1 and Thaimi Niubo Aleman2,1 (Ph.D. students)
    1The Ohio State University, 2CICESE Ensenada
  • NIST Approach to Calibrating an LSNA on an Arbitrary Frequency Grid
    Aric Sanders, National Institute of Standards and Technology


ARFTG-92nd/RWW-2019, January 21st, 2019, Orlando, Florida

  • Use of IVCAD 3.8 with NVNA and de-embedding of time-domain measurements to the intrinsic reference planes
    Tony Gasseling, AMCAD-Engineering
  • Debate: Use of NVNA in device modeling and verification
  • Debate: Sharing of data acquisition codes for NVNA
  • Non-linear verification device developed in cooperation with Keysight & NPL
    Dominique Schreurs, KU Leuven