14th On-Wafer User's Forum
ARFTG-101st/IMS-2023, June 15th, 2023

  • Traceability for on-wafer S-parameter measurements
    Uwe Arz, PTB
  • On Probe-Tip Calibration Reference Impedance
    Lucas Nyssens, UCL

Joint On-Wafer and THZ Measurement Topics

  • Automated & Nanorobotics Millimeter-Wave On-Wafer Probe Station
    Kamel Haddadi, University of Lille
  • Beyond 110 GHz: Research and Activity at NIST
    Jim Booth, NIST


13th On-Wafer User's Forum
ARFTG-100th/RWW-2023. January 23rd, 2023

  • Discussion on Anritsu 220-GHz Single-Sweep VNA
    Moderator: Jon Martens (Anritsu, USA)
  • Discussion on Preliminary Experience with the Anritsu 220 GHz Single-Sweep VNA
    Moderator: Lei Li (Cornell University, USA)
  • Introduction of the THZ User’s Forum Idea
    Jim Hwang (Cornell University, USA)


12th On-Wafer User's Forum
ARFTG-99th/IMS-2022. January 23rd, 2023

  • Update on the IEEE Working Group P2822 "Recommended Practice for Microwave, Millimeter-wave and THz On-Wafer Calibrations, De-embedding and Measurements"
  • System Integrity Veirificaion


11th On-Wafer User's Forum
ARFTG-97th/ IMS-2021. June 24th, 2021, Live Session with Q&A

Focused session: Measurement errors and methods for verifying accuracy and integrity of the on-wafer measurement system

  • Introduction: measurement errors and verification methods
    Andrej Rumiantsev, MPI Corporation
  • Calibration comparison method
    Dylan Williams, Jeffrey Jargon, NIST
  • Standard model method
    Andrej Rumiantsev, MPI Corporation
  • Roundtable discussion 


10th On-Wafer User's Forum
ARFTG-96th/RWW-2021. January 21st, 2021, Live Session with Q&A

  • Recent development on the “Calibration on-the-fly” method for on-wafer measurements
Chong Li, University of Glasgow
  • Application of machine learning methods to the RF probe alignment process 

    Ryo Sakamaki, NMIJ AIST
  • Discussion: 
New methods for RF probe positioning and contact consistency improvement


9th On-Wafer User's Forum
ARFTG-94th/RWW-2020 San Antonio, TX, USA. 27th January 2020

  • On-wafer calibration at sub-mm wave frequencies
    Marco Spirito, TU Delft, the Netherlands
  • Notes on calibration reference impedance
    Andrej Rumiantsev, MPI Corporation, Taiwan
  • Reproducibility of the multiline TRL calibration at the millimeter-wave frequency for one-month period
    Masahiro Horibe, AIST, Japan 


8th On-Wafer User's Forum (Second European Forum)
EuMW-2019 Paris, France. 3rd October 2019

  • Material characterization by resonant method using precision on-wafer measurement technique at 300 GHz
    Masahiro Horibe, AIST, Japan
  • Overview of Planar S-parameter Measurements Up to 1.1 THz in European TEMMT Research Project
    Xiaobang Shang, Nick Ridler, NPL, UK
  • On-wafer calibration reference plane: what is the optimal location?
    Andrej Rumiantsev, MPI Corporation, Taiwan
  • Quick update on P2822 working group
    Andrej Rumiantsev, Jon Martens


7th On-Wafer User's Forum
ARFTG-93rd Boston, MA, USA. June 6th 2019

  • On-wafer calibration techniques from 4K to 175C 
    Gavin Fisher 
(FormFactor, USA)
  • Evaluation of silicon substrate losses at millimeter-wave frequencies 
    Lucas Nyssens 
(UCL, Belgium)
  • Towards ultra-precise probing in on-wafer measurements 
    Carmine de Martino 
(TU Delft, The Netherlands)
  • Transfer of uncertainties with commercial calibration substrates 
    Faisal Mubarak 
(VSL, The Netherlands)
  • Reproducible on-wafer measurement demonstrated over 300 GHz
    Masahiro Horibe 
(AIST, Japan)
  • PAR2822 “Recommended Practice for Microwave, Millimeter-wave and THz On-Wafer Calibrations and Measurements” 
    Andrej Rumiantsev, 
Marco Spirito,
Jon Martens


6th On-Wafer User's Forum
ARFTG-92nd-RWW-2019, Orlando, FL. January 21st 2019

  • Investigation of Line Length Effects in Multiline TRL Calibrations at 1.1 THz
    Matt Bauwens, DM Probes 
  • How to effectively include DRC fills effect in EM simulations
    Marco Spirito, TU Delft
  • Debate mm-wave probing Contact less vs. Contact
    Sertel Kubilay and Marco Spirito Moderator: Jon Martens


5th Forum On-Wafer User's Forum (First European Forum)
EuMW-2018 Madrid, Spain. September 27th 2018

  • What did we learned about wafer-level calibration from PlanarCal project?
    Gia Ngoc Phung, FBH Berlin, Germany
  • On the location of the on-wafer calibration reference plane
    Andrej Rumiantsev,MPI Corporation, Taiwan
  • Repeatable multiline-TRL calibration by super-beginner operators
    Ryo Sakamaki, AIST, Japan
  • What is the reference impedance of the lumped-standard based calibration?
    J. Apolinar Reynoso Hernandez, CICESE, Mexico


4th On-Wafer User's Forum
ARFTG-91st Philadelphia, PA, USA. June 14th 2018

  • Discussion: On-Wafer Measurement and Calibration Standard Group
    Moderator: Andrej Rumiantsev, MPI Corporation, Taiwan


3rd On-Wafer User's Forum 
ARFTG-90th Boulder, CO, USA. November 29th 2017

  • Cryogenic On-Wafer Measurements
    James C. Booth, NIST, USA
  • EMPIR Project 14IND02 PlanarCal: Overview and Update
    Uwe Arz, PTB, Germany


2nd On-Wafer User's Forum
ARFTG-89th Honolulu, HI, USA. June 8th 2017

  • Anomalies in calibration substrates: When do we have to care about parasitic coupling from neighbor elements?
    Uwe Arz, PTB, Germany
  • Probe-to-pad interfaces of on-wafer elements: the critical point in the wafer-level calibration with a lot of optimisation possibilities
    Matthias Ohlrogge, Fraunhofer IAF, Germany
  • On repeatability of the on-wafer measurements
    Masahiro Horibe, National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ), Japan
  • Do we need document standards for on-wafer measurements and technology?
    Nick Ridler, National Physical Laboratory (NPL), UK


On-Wafer User's Forum Kick-off meeting
ARFTG-88th Austin, TX, USA. December 7th 2016

  • On-Wafer User’s Forum
    Leonard Hayden (Qorvo), Andrej Rumiantsev (MPI Corporation)
  • On-Wafer Metrology at NIST
    James Booth (NIST)
  • Observations on a User’s Forum
    Joe Gering (Qorvo)