The On-Wafer Measurements Forum

The On-wafer Measurement Forum is an informal discussion group devoted to sharing information and issues related to measurements of microwave devices and circuits at the wafer-level.

Forum principles:

  • Facilitate discussion with like-minded engineers
  • Open exchange of experience, ideas, discussion of problems
  • Informal atmosphere

Upcoming events:

  Conference Location Date
9th Forum ARFTG-94th San Antonio, TX, USA 27th January 2020
10th Forum ARFTG-95th Los Angeles, CA, USA 21st - 26th June 2020 (TBD)
11th Forum EuMW-2020 Utrecht, Netherlands 13th - 18th October 2020 (TBD)

Past events:

  Conference Location Date
Kick-off meeting ARFTG-88th Austin, TX, USA December 7th 2016
2nd Forum ARFTG-89th Honolulu, HI, USA June 8th 2017
3rd Forum ARFTG-90th Boulder, CO, USA November 29th 2017
4th Forum ARFTG-91st Philadelphia, PA, USA June 14th 2018
5th Forum EuMW-2018 Madrid, Spain September 27th 2018
  6th Forum ARFTG-92nd Orlando, FL January 21st 2019
7th Forum ARFTG-93rd Boston, MA, USA June 6th 2019
8th Forum EuMW-2019 Paris, France 29th Sep. – 4th Oct. 2019