James Booth Presenting

James C. Booth (NIST) presenting current on-wafer metrology activity at NIST. (Courtesy of Leonard Hayden)


The kick-off meeting of the On-Wafer Measurements Forum took place at the 88th ARFTG-conference in Austin, Texas. Building on the success and experience of the Non-Linear VNA Measurements Users’ Forum, the On-Wafer Measurements Forum is organized to provide an informal discussion platform for microwave measurement engineers from all corners of the user community.

The meeting was opened by the welcome note from Dylan Williams (NIST). Leonard Hayden (Qorvo) and Joe Gering (Qorvo) presented the concept of the Forum as well as observations of the activities in the area and contributors. James Booth (NIST) discussed areas of the wafer-level measurements and metrology activity at NIST.

The audience poll counted over twenty discussion topics proposed for the upcoming meeting and included: contact repeatability, propagation of the undesired modes, organic substrates, power calibration at the probe tips, impact of the probe tips on calibration and measurement results, and others.

Slides from the kick-off meeting: