What is it?
Life Membership is a permanent status that recognizes significant contributions to ARFTG over an extended period of time.  Life Member status may result in benefits such as reduced conference registration rates.


Who qualifies?
A member in good standing of ARFTG who has a qualification score exceeding 70 points prior to the Fall meeting of the Life Member status award. One point is awarded for:
- Each ARFTG conference attended
- Each ARFTG paper authored or co-authored
- Each ARFTG short course where participated as an instructor
- Each ARFTG workshop or panel session where participated as a speaker
- Each occasion serving as an ARFTG conference chair or co-chair or TPC chair or co-chair
- Each year served on the ARFTG Executive Committee (ExCom)


How do I apply?
Complete the  and confirm that you qualify.
Submit the Life Member Worksheet to the prior to the deadline.


When is the Deadline?
One month prior to the Fall conference (Nov. 1, 2015 for the 86th conference). Submit earlier if you need confirmation of acceptance in time for earlier travel arrangements.